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I agreed to see this guy he said 40 min showed up allot faster. I told him to eet me at the side door to the hotel and I woul let him in.

I was at the door and he was in the 4 door Ford on the phone just after he hung up with me and I think that is weird after I just told him to come in. So I watched him talk on the phone in his truck trying to be descreet , then he finally gets out of the truck walks to the door and sure enough his phone was ringing he pick up and told me to wait a miniute , I shut the door never to hear from him again.

He may of not liked the way I looked , no one has said nuy thing before my age is on the add and i do have good reviews. USE CAUTION he will never be able to contact me again TY Report all bad situation numbers here Please .

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