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Don't waste your time here this guy says he is 33 and then you get the usual its my birthday routine. He will send you endless texting if your bored enough to take it.

he seems to have a huge amount of time on his hands. Then hes going to ask you ,your prices and address and get all the info out of you as possible. Then he is going to do the normal I am on the way and he is never going to show up. Typical texter.

So good luck with this one. Please report all bad numbers here it will help all of us that actually do some screening.

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Get a moral compass, get a proper legal job and get to a medical clinic. Gross.


I believe there is a whole bunch of people hired by marketing companies to send texts on behalf of backpage or pretending like customers. They are just a bunch of time wasters.

They don't even read our ads and just send texts pretending like customers. I can now sort of tell which one is fake which one is real. Those who ask stupid questions are fake ones. I complained to backpage a few times already about this and asked them to stop all those craps but they just never listened.

I know it's worth advertising on backpage because I did get some real customers from there so they don't actually have to do this. So annoying.