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This bot will text you act like a female says all types of {{REDACTED}} things in message! This is a form of Bot entrapment , why is it texting a female on BP anyway.

There is not TER Refs or any other site for this number. It reefers to the name CaramelSexy Sharikk , it goes on with about a page of things she will do and does. To all men in Chicago to agree to anything like this or to respond to talk or text of this nature can get you in trouble in IL !! It insisted on me to respond to it.

I know most of us are smart enough not to fall for this stupidity , for those that are not and lucky to use google this is the true info. Please report all bad , numbers , calls and problems here , it does come up on Google and helps us all , TY JJ

Reason of review: Bot texting.

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Catfish and scammers are all over in every industry communication to a minimum state your needs with your address and your rate conversation encourages these *** where is your time and doesn’t bring you any money your boyfriend might be the worst one you can figure all that out on your own or I can leave this review XOXO good luck ladies

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