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Here,s another freek to add to the no list this guy wanted to text me like crazy then he even had the nerve to call me later and ask me if we could still meet? Try's to say hes some sort of pilot.

There's a big red flag. I have not herd from a pilot for years. He is one of those {{Redacted}} guys that never does anything about it , very common call on BP just hang up on them as soon as they say feet hang up. Do not give this guy any info address or anything hes not going to show up.

Hes a sick dude from AZ wasting your time. Please add all mens numbers here that waste your time it will help the decent ladies that do research and screening.Thanks

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You are right on point with this jerk, thanks for writing the review


Your very welcome please report all bad numbers. It helps the ladies that reserch.