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Here's a real BP Player. This guys is going to call you up and let you know about all the things he has to do.

Then he's going to find out where you at and all your info. He will then call you back ask for the address say he is real close to your area. Then he's going to text you and say he cannot make it. Real Phone Player.

Another man than cannot possibly think a women has anything to do but sit around and listen to a phone player.

Its important for the ladies that do research to post the numbers in your area for what ever reason. Please post the numbers of the bad encounters.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Backpage Pros: Ease of use.

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Precisely this loser called me as well....pretended to want a session.....then never followed through at all..WOMEN FELLOW PROVIDERS IN THE INDUSTRY do not I REPEAT do not waste your time even talking to this guy....he's not serious...he will not pay for a session he will not book a session...he's what's called in the industry as a TIME WASTER... JUST DO NOT PICK UP THE CALL