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This guy called me like 3 or 4 times he finally shows up? Belive me I had many other things to do on this day , I decided to head back to my room and be honest to meet him.

He came up to my room and looked around did not have much to say then he said he did not fell well and he would see me another day of course I said no thanks. If a guy books an apt with a lady he comes up an deny's the appt he should at the least leave 40 dollars, Lord some men are just plain nibby, maybe they just don't like the way you look, then they should say sorry your just not my type.

All in all I really got the creeps , he is a big heavy man jacket size maybe 5 x , Grey hair not real friendly way over weight real nice dark colored car. Please report all bad deals , ty.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Creepyy I had that same guy or a guy who might fit this description do the same thing it was odd I was so uncomfortable ...


Yes I agree , not only that , I get so sick of some of these men thinking we have nothing to do but wait around to see what there problems are. Please report all bad clients numbers ASAP


well if hes paying for the woman in the pic and the woman looks different then he has every right to walk away

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