Tampa, Florida
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Britney asked me to meet at KnightsInn on 301 in the parking lot wafflehouse. Took money for 30 mins service.

She didnt say anything about getting protection. Once inside, she spent time in the bathroom. She said she would give a BJ instead, I was ok ..she offered to provide back rub , in about 10 odd minutes she started dressing up and said 30 mins are over and wanted more money to provide relief. She is a total ripp off.

Before of this girl.

Here is her website : http://hottbrittney28.escorts.biz

She give NO GF experience. She simply said she doesnt even though her website says so.

Product or Service Mentioned: Backpage Website.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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What do you charge for a bhgs? (That's a boot heel gonad stomp)


That really sux bro u do u guys give the money I always ask that it be laid on table but don't pick up till finished


What kind of person wants to meet someone at a trash bag motel? You are lucky it wasn't a police setup! You think they don't know what goes on at trash bag motels?


This little punk kid smelled so bad I couldn't do anything ! U need to take a shower and all my clients know I am a great provider .

So grow up and use some soap. !


@Brittany lmmfao I dig it


Hey pal, if money is discussed for "sexual relations" it's "prostitution" and it goes against what they say: "Donations are for time and everything else is a choice made between consenting adults".

She's lucky you weren't an undercover. Turn her in!


This little punk called and of course my time is what u pay for not sex ! He solicited me and yes I did offer a body rub not sex. So anyone reading this please know the rules and the LAW !


What a lying cun+. You advertise on an escort website as an ESCORT.

Believe whatever lies you want about providing "companionship". You're a *** that makes house calls.