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This man calls me up from Backpage looking for a date. He made an appointment at 2 pm 6/10/2017.

Of course, he was another no show. At 2 pm I texted him and told him not to contact me again I could have used that spot for another person. Then he texted me, ***, fatty, ***, *** and everything else you can imagine. I want to put a strong warning out for this number to all the ladies in MN.

TY and please report bad johns here.

It helps us all and it does come up on Google. These creeps need there numbers reported and it is up to us to do it.TY

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There is an app called Mr.number. Download the app and before you waste your time answering the phone or text them back, put the Jon's number on the app and it shows if any of working girls reported any thing about that number, it saved my live and my time a lot, once I was about to see a thug and rapist and thanks God from Mr.number that popped out those reports.

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