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IM A black male and i think , back pages need to go underheat about the fact they allow female escorts and bodyrub women to post NO BLACK MEN in their ads huh ? how do they get to do this .

thats like saying no blacks at a water fountain . ..

what makes you think a black man is anymore dangerous for them than white , they claim black men dont pay properly well get over it , restuarants have the same claim about tips saying blacks dont tip well so they get frowned on when they arrive , thats still racism and its not LEGAL OR MORAL ... IF THESE WOMEN WANT TO DISCRIMINATE THEY NEED TO GET OUTTHE BUSINESS YOU CANT GO TO A MASSAGE PARLOR AND BE TOLD THEY DONT SEE BLACKS ?

so if they are running a business they should be held by the same dam standards as everyone else ....

maybe they dont consider their self a business but the irs does . SO BACK PAGE STOP LETTING THEM POST NO BLACK MEN IN THOSE ADS

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Women and men alike are free to decide who they are intimate with.


Free country. Get over it.


The service provider has the right to deny service to anyone they please. Grow up, get over it and move on to the next.


Not sure if this is funny or not. Kind of dry sarcastic humor always get me!


It's a gray area. Since it's not a legal business, there is no anti-discrimination protection like if one of these same women were running a burger stand or a dry cleaners.

Plus, there is the ethical question of if a woman can choose who she will and won't sleep with in her personal life, who are we to tell her she can't exercise the same prerogative in her professional life if her profession is sleeping with people for money? Having said that, I do find it very irksome to see some hot little thing advertising on BP and there's that same stupid "no AA" at the bottom of the ad. I suppose it wouldn't bother me so much if it didn't seem to be getting more widespread. Seems like it's easily 60% of the ads in LA.

At this point, I have to browse through the t-girl section since they are the only ads left that aren't baldly racist. [And, yes, there are plenty of black girls doing the same damn thing and that's doubly offensive.]


Why deal with silly, willey lynch, and possibly racist women. If our money isn't good enough then I say take it elsewhere.

Take it to a massage parlor where you will be treated like a king and with decency. The girls and staff are really nice.

The only problem I found was that sometimes the girl you get are too small and they won't let you hit it from the back, us being so well endowed and all lol, however, I find the attendtion they give alleviating and I think it is the attendtion they show that always has me leaving happy. If all of us black men did this, and at the rate this no aa trend is going I think we will, we will find ourselves much happier and encourage better business practices from our..."temple entrepreneurs" for lack of a more respecful term.


You can’t force someone to be with a race they aren’t attracted too


Don’t give me that all black people are well endowed garbage I know plenty who complain that they aren’t that’s being a racist


I'm a escort in Texas.

I used to post no African american men under thirty five.

But now I post no men under thirty five in general.

It may be a personal preference majority of escorts If you talk to them respectful and a gentleman it doesn't matter.

Remember it's all fantasy Guy's

Majority of the girl's don't look the picture and Black guy's are known to "keep it real" .

I had a friend who was white she didn't like black men in her real life but when I told her I wanted her to meet a friend lol....

I didn't tell he was Jamaican she still got her money still her client to this day. Also remember freedom of speech Black men and women will always have that issue put on your big panties this is life.I am black and I have Always changed people's mind all about how you go about it .


well I suggest you file a complaint to the DCA department of consumer affairs. Every city or major city has a regional office.

I suggest you go in person, bring id. Bring your wife if you have one. Bring the newspapers so they can get the story out. Make sure they have a photographer so you can make the front page.

Let Jesse Jackson and the black caucaus know along with your boss. Get the word out. When it comes to renting *** men of any color have rights that trump the rights of black market service providers. Even if it is their body they are selling on the market.

Cause we all know that once you sell something your freedoms of choice and protection of privacy and protection from sexual assault fly out the window. Come on man, get a life. Or if it *** you off so much pretend to be a white guy then show up with your black self.

Use your charm wit and devilishly good looks to win her heart and mind back.


Why would you want to do business with a group of women that hate you.Black men need to forget backpage and go see those Asian women in the massage parlor.


I been on bp for a while now and all women aernt racist some will see you and are very nice form asian to hispanic to white also they're are some nice black women on bp so all aernt bad .what i say you should do is passiver that no aa add and find someone who will see you its they're loss not your also the money goes to someone who deserves it more for real good day


Prostitution is illegal in the United States (except for parts of Nevada where they do not discriminate) You can't complain about illegal practices in an illegal business. There's no honor among thieves.

@Guy Smiley

You also need to look at prostitution for what it is. It is prohibition and therefore the *** pimps and johns need to always be cautious of law enforcement posers.

Especially those prime time news channel posers who will destroy a johns life even without a conviction. I doubt a law enforcement department or news channel like "To Catch a Predator" would ever post something like "No black men or African American Males.". If they did they would be indiscriminately targeting white or latino males. Not only is it entrapment but there is objective evidence of racial profiling.

If I were a john I would definitely take a screenshot with a timestamp and webpage and save it in the event they tried to change or edit the add after they busted me.

Just a word of advice to all you johns out there.


You silly men keep missing the point. These "women" have the right to choose who they will engage in relations with. No one has any right to tell another person what to do with their bodies.


Yeah if 20 something yr old females prefer men with low testosterone,pot belliies and receding hair lines,thats their business.


Exactly! And, you sound like you know a lot about the clientele, are you in the business?!


It is illegal like selling drugs you do something that somebody don't like is the quickest way to get locked up think with your brain and if she don't like dealing with a bunch of different people get a job a real one


I noticed the exact same thing, and I find it disturbing. I heard from a girl myslf, that African American men carry a bad reputation in the Orlando area. It seems to emerge from the idea that black men are aggressive, dangerous and disrespectful.


I guess if it not white it's not right. how can one say all black men are pimps, cheap, aggressive, hoodlums and thugs.

however, all other ethnicities are polite, well spoken, generous, and a gentleman. underline racism to me.