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This ad was posted at 6:25 July 21st 2017. Post ID 2746**** First of all the person you see is NOT the person pictured in the ad.

Second when you get there you are required to give a large amount of money up front. After that you find out that the money you just gave was just for "basic service" for getting in the door. Any specific service requires extra money for each one which ads up to a lot of money if you do that. The ad also says relaxing and NO RUSH.

That was anything but true. I wash rushed from the second I arrived. After a few minutes I was asked to leave and come back later because she wasn't managing her time wisely so being the nice guy I am I agreed since she said she would provide extra for my inconvenience when I came back. When calling on the phone to make arrangements to come back she said I needed to bring more money and hung up on me when I disagreed.

The ad also says unforgettable. Well if you see her you won't be able to forget even though you would like to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Backpage Advertisement.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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If a lady has reviews and is real just google there phone number and they will come up. With the phones now people are very lazy , notice this guy did not even add a phone number? The add link is meaning less.


I always provide excellent service to all my clients. this guy is either lying or didn't like me for whatever reason. I am absolutely the women in the pics...I never rush anyone of my clients.....and I'm one of the best women on BP that's why I have all repeat clients sorry you had a bad experience but you have it twisted ....meaning you have the wrong girl....for the future I would say check other ads and I BET you will be back here...thank you!!

[[ I really think the guys lying if hes talking about Jemma skye bcuz I always provide excellent service ]]


Ask the girl to send pic flipping you off or peace sign to know its her or FaceTime... rtp you can review them