Bakersfield, California
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Was looking for an escort to hand out and act like my girlfriend for a party. My stalker ex was going to be there.

Hence rhe reason for backpage . She showes up we discussed the details . She said she was ok with it and the o so familer phone call after transaction was made. She then gave some bs story about rhe security gaurd was herasing her ride.

I suddenly became suspicious. She then proceed run out rhe door but not without snatching mt wallet with a grand rotal of 2800 bucks.

It was all my money to my name. Wishing it was the wild west right now.!

Product or Service Mentioned: Backpage Advertisement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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was her name Alexis? or was she one of the Chineese special Massage givers? bait and switch then steal and run?


This just sounds stupid. So you decided to call a backpage escort to "pose" as a girlfriend because your ex was going to be in the same place and your "ex" was stalking you...Why didn't you simply call the police?

And you're telling me you have no female friends at all that would have posed to be your girlfriend? None? I am more than certain if you did then they would have done it for free. And then you're walking around with $2800 inside of a wallet?

I assume it was cash because you said it was all the money you had to your name, and I am sure if it was on a debit card that you would immediately call and get the card information destroyed. Your shoe story screams crooked.


had an experience with one as well. she agreed to terms, then backed out saying i didnt comply with the rules in her ad.

We had an agreement ....she took my money. Dont do it guys!