Aurora, Colorado
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I have been using backpage for years now ut has always worked for menup until recently. I cant even post i dont understandbthe payment methods and it is so frustrating to kniw i just need a measly 1 dollar and everything would be ok....

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I have had the same problem over the last week. I spent 2 days trying to find a business that carried PaySafe cards.

There are none, and PaySafe is not in business. Yesterday, I put in money in Backpage from my checking account. Got message that they received it, tried posting, got same message to use PaySafe or Bitcoin.

Set backpage E-mail complaint, asking for help, also called customer service number, and left message. Am waiting to see if I get a reply.


Did they contact u yet


I know this is really crazy to me. We're tyou able to get everything figured out. I've had o postnon body rubs but that does not remotely compare to when you post on escorts.


so I had written the original message about not understanding this bitcoin bull ***. I just went and purchased a 25$ visa gift card thinking if I already had that it would be super easy but I am still having trouble .

has anyone figured it out if so can I use your bitcoin and I can give you this gift card. Please.