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I have been in the marketing business for MANY years and have NEVER seen such a poorly ran company in my entire life!

I posted ads for months and paid alot of money. All of a sudden, my ads started getting "Community Removed". I called in and one lady I spoke to from backpage said that my ads were perfectly legal and there was absolutely nothing wrong with them. She reactivated them and 3 days later they were deleted again. So I called her back...apparently, some *** that works there is getting his jollies off deleting (and basically stealing peoples advertising money) ads and making them pay again and again to re-post. Its one big rip off scam!

Then when I sent them a letter telling them that I don't appreciate them ripping off a long time PAYING customer like myself, they completely blocked me from even purchasing ANY ads.

Then, they hide and don't allow people to call their customer service line...unless you want to leave a message that will never be returned.

How on earth does a company that pretends to serve the public not only treat their OWN customers like this but then hide like a bunch of sissies and don' t answer their phones?!?! Its really one of the most pathetic companies in the business. They've been sued many times in the past and they just don't learn their lesson. Its a low life company that doesn't deserve to be in existence. They are nothing more than simply THIEVES!

After all they put me threw, then they have the audacity to block me from posting and buying any ads simply because I complained to them about being ripped off. And YES, it was even confirmed via a BackPage exec that my ads WERE in compliance! So, let see, you wrongly squander your own clients money, DELETE their ad, then block them because you don't want to hear anyone complain about your unbelievably poor treatment for your clients.

Yeah,...I'd say that's pretty sad. If I was an employee there, I sure wouldn't want anyone to know that I worked there.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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  • Backpage worst copmpany
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What is the phone number! ?


I agree, they are just scam artists and then hide. Lets tell the world what loser they are!

The world doesn't need them! There are MANY places one can advertise and be treated as a VALUED customer....not a target to be ripped off and then ignored!

Lets tell the world.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Guess this is something they didn't learn in advertising.