Atlanta, Georgia
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She answerd phone set up a meeting and had some big guy bust through door after i gave her money and run me off

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This is most likely false there are guys who target girls build repore and dont pay for time . They often assume because the provider is an adult worker they wont file a complaint.

So backpage needs to back up complaints. And verify the legitimacy of complaint. One last point backpage has had paste copy of persons picts by opossing competition then file false flatulated reviews. That create bad views which then reflects on business of any provider.

Dcac laws are created to protect abuses. Companies for ex the list is natorious for copy past alleging its a protected speech . The laws clearly point to copy right etc any publisher defaming copying images of others without authorization for the benefit of competing for business or cheap service says all that needs to and then,ad abusive male consumers in the mix .

Please create a redflag chat area to avoid this which enpowers all . Locals