Birmingham, Alabama

She is fast to replied back to you on first call with a email ask how long this is to see how much she can get out of you the she will ask go to Walgreen and get her a vanilla visa card the tell you come me her but before meeting ask for the card info so she can verify the information on the card but then she will not answer you text it nice scam Just watch for her she problem have been get a lot of people with this one but no report it so she keep doing it.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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It's probably not even a woman but a man scamming other morally bankrupt men,


Reporting those numbers to the FCC to get the feds involved in this scam from this person. All numbers.


She is now also useing 904554**** sucks for yall but glad I'm not the only one


Got me too!! Exact same scenario. She's working east coast Florida now so look out for this ***!


Watch out for a "Sam" who uses phone number (386) 916-****. She pulled the vanilla card scam on me and I am using every means possible to locate this person.

I feel very VERY sorry for this person after I find them. Back to prison I shall go.


Who is "she"? Don't you know, anytime you are asked to get a vanilla visa card turn over the information upfront, you are going to get scammed. People on backpage are NOT advertising for dates, lol!


you fool...why are you complaining about a ***. you are supposed to get scammed.