Houston, Texas
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The girl that has the title sexy petite princess, her name is supposedly bree first she didn't have which I wasnt tripping about but she had the ordasidy to try to steal me iphone. I literally had to chase her down once I did I noticed how she reeked of crack it was just a bad experience in all. Afterwards once she left she texted me begging me for money.

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Thats a lie don't believe this guy she is a good girl and she doesn't steal the guy must been a loser


Ordasidy? C'mon!

You didn't even try to spell audacity correctly. Save your money and go back to school.


Girl name Angie. Her cel (406)-230-**** Faked pictures of her and ripped off.


Quit hiring *** and you wouldn't have these problems.


Shes in houston tx do not hire I believe she is a *** not to be mean or nothing.Dont spend any money with her it wont be worth it I promise. Her hair was all over the place she overcharged me and I hadto pay for her to get a cab it was only twenty dollars but I gave the cab man forty he didn't I have change and for some reason I believe he was in on it because she way he was acting. Shenreally did reek of cracknon her breath just such a bad experience.