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my apologies for the typos - basis should be basic, prevent should have an ing, and had near the end should be ad. Heat of the moment.

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I am livid. I am a dominatrix for a living... a non-sex performing, law abiding, safe sane and consensual BDSM player who advertises on the "domination and fetish" section of Backpage. I've tried to contact BP NUMEROUS times and never heard so much as a basis response. I have been banned from editing my ad several times - typically ads that I paid to have reposted 26 times - because I used a word I had NO IDEA was banned and that IN NO WAY implied illegal services. THIS IMPEDES MY ABILITY TO UPDATE CUSTOMERS AND GET BUSINESS - I AM PAYING FOR THE AD, I SHOULD GET AT LEAST A POLITE REPLY. The last one was the kicker. I used the term "small wee wee" in reference to small penis humiliation - this is not illegal - it is not illegal to humiliate someone. I WOULD HAVE HAD NO PROBLEM TAKING IT OUT OF MY AD - but there is no banned words list, there is no way to know what is banned and what isn't. Apparently the word "double" is banned (I use it in the context of double domme sessions, I assume it was banned because of a sexual practice). My website is also banned from being linked to, even though it is much more mild than other sites I've seen linked - no sex, no nudity - I have to link to my blog, which is inconvenient as ***. I am REALLY ANGRY. First it was limiting ads to 500 *characters* which doesn't even give the provider the chance to say she doesn't offer sexual services or what she does and does not offer... only enough room to write a couple of sentences. GUESS WHAT? That's an escort thing, not a domme thing - a domme is happy to give you *all* the information, straight out, and answers your questions - while escorts offering an illegal service write one or two line ads because they don't want to incriminate themselves.

I don't appreciate being treated like this. Backpage is one of the main places people look to find others to fulfill their fetish and BDSM impulses or needs - and quite honestly at this point the vast majority of ads have been banned from being edited which hurts both the clients and the honest hardworking dommes trying to make a living. I don't appreciate being equated with an escort or a *** And I certainly don't appreciate a company that is getting my money to post ads NOT EVEN BEING COURTEOUS ENOUGH TO PROVIDE A LIST OF BANNED WORDS OR INFORM ME THAT A WORD IS NOT OKAY TO USE instead of prevent me from updating an ad I bloody paid for.

Anyone who wants to look down their nose at me for my profession or think that my opinion means nothing - screw you. This is about customer service and fairness. If Backpage doesn't want our business, get rid of the section - it's really as simple as that. Stop screwing up legitimate law abiding providers and actually *read* the ad and realize the implied meaning instead of doing a search of keywords and banning any had that has that word - not all uses of the word "double" mean double penetration, and not all uses of the word "wee wee" indicate that there is something involving contact with one in the ad. Though on that note, CBT is technically legal. CBT does not mean hand job, trust me on that.

-A pissed off Domme

Product or Service Mentioned: Backpage Website.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I cant stand backpage anymore they keep removing my escort ads... these things are expensive.

They have a way of letting the ad go live for 3 minutes and they remove it or "ghost the ad" and keep the money. I am an ad poster for legitimate escort companies and I have lost thousands of dollars on backpage because they dont let my ads go live.

Every single email response i have gotton from them is "Do you post with any other accounts" probably so they can remove the ads from those accounts too. Stick with YouList Classifieds it's a new classifieds website backpage really sucks..


Yep, I'm getting real sick of backpage taking my money! I have a completely legit escort company and they delete about 66% of my ads within 10 minutes without reason or cause!

They refuse to refund my money, even when I purchased multiple re-post and sponsor ads which I think are over priced as is!

I say don't use backpage, I advise going to Rapid Post Classifieds, they are a new company that actually cares! They plan on marketing their site heavily in order to replace backpage and completely eliminate their scamming once for all!!


Those are bold statements coming from a sane person who does not indulge in such practices yet has so much first hand knowledge of the debauchery that goes on behind private doors...

That is an amendment right... to privacy another is pursuit of happiness (happiness varies from individual to individual) freedom of speech and all the others fall into those particular category.


OMG dude you don't even know who I am and I think you are mistaking me for someone else. I know that for some reason you hate me because my roommate does TS ***, and that you have never seen me is very apparent given your vague references (like *** that is not my phone number, "Kalifornia" which is a name my roommate uses sometimes online not me, etc.) I have no idea what your problem is, I don't go around injecting people with anything or endangering them, I engage in safe sane and consentual BDSM activity.

Why can't you stupid *** just let people live how they want. I have a blood fetish both ways in personal life. I do not share fluids with clients. Golden showers are sterile and I am not on birth control or any kind of hormones or have hepatitis which is the only medically relevant concerns.

Many dommes do golden showers and medical piercing etc. play it's not just me. It's like attacking someone for enjoying something you might not. People ask me, and sometimes beg me, to do whatever their fetish is to them and I do it safely.

Live and let live. That being said, you posted private information on a public website and I want to take legal action against you. So keep posting, I will find you eventually. I have been stalked before and my identity has been stolen so I really do not take kindly to having my information splayed out there for no *** reason besides a pathetic complex you have, or something that happened to you or I don't even know...

I just know it has nothing to do with me. The site you posted to is basically a transsexual hate site. I'm not trans, but have many friends who are, and I do not do *** so that makes it even more inappropriate.

Posting anonymously on the internet also makes you a coward. Grow a pair.


Have you tried emailing them? I had the EXACT same issue but within a day or two of emailing them I receive a response and was able to edit my ad once more. I was shocked at the quick response.


Be forewarned, this one is trouble. She is outright psychotic or at least has serious psychotic tendencies, and has lack of humane boundaries accordingly.

She is like something out of "Kalifornia." She likes to slice people with knives, inject them with things and see how large she can blow up their organs and appendages, she makes people be her human toilet and drink her ***, she likes to bleed people. This is what she calls "legal."She thinks if she can get some mentally disturbed person to agree to this, there is nothing wrong with it. And then she fleeces their wallets.

She is one of the MOST extreme out there. What others won't do, she does readily.So, read her complaint in the proper context.