So I was nervous because there were no review on this girl but let me tell you in so glad I met Harley she has the most enjoyable personality and her curves are too die for don't think twice she made me a very happy man and I was very stressed. If you treat her like a queen she will treat you like a king. I paid her 300 for a hh and it was well worth it if I had more money I would of tipped her (321) 710-**** her number don't hesitate

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that is high for a half-hour. you did the community no favours even though you wrote you had a good time.


I bet anything Harley wrote this review herself. She's probably ugly as sin and 250 lbs.


Yep! That's for sure!


Men pay $300 for HH all the time. These are the elite men with money to blow.

I speak from experience. Sounds like you guys are cheap bargain hunters- the losers escorts should RUN from!


She did write this. No guy in his right mind would ever pay $300 for 30 mins on a girl who he/she admits has no reviews.

So what did it include? Did she have a platinum pμ$$%? Were there 3 of them? I have met several people who know her personally as well as some of her clients.

They have ALL said her pictures are fake as ***, shes is very manipulative, provides terrible service because shes always too fkd up, uses her clients as her errand boys and is fugly to boot.

I doubt there could be another chick with the same name, same spelling, same number and posting in the same place (although she changes it often due to bad reviews and moving around). So if youre going to write yourself a review, Harley, why not make it a GOOD one and post it on a site that ISNT for a "PISSED OFF CONSUMER" Did you suddenly get the idea to write yourself a review after reading the others?