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This was my first time booking an appointment with an escort. When she arrived I invited her into my house.

We spoke for a little and said her name was Taylor... After chatting for some time, she asked me if she can drop off the money to her friend and be right back. Well I wanted to to see for myself if an escort can be trusted. So I said yes if only she would be back.

I didn't know what to make of it and should've made her promise before she left anyways. I waited like fool for her to return but was left alone like a fool.

It was a bad lesson learned. Now I know and it killed it for me.

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Don't base your opinion of all escorts on one. You can't determine if, say, all hairdressers can be trusted with your hair based on whether one gives you a good or bad haircut.

Next time just be more careful, do not let anyone leave with your money, why would she need to leave to take the money to her friend if she knew you had a scheduled appointment? You should pay her up front, but if an escort says she needs to leave or step outside for some reason, you simply say you would feel more comfortable with her leaving the donation with you and you will leave it in a visible place, such as a nightstand or coffee table, until she returns. That is fair on both ends.

If she makes a fuss about that, end the appointment. But don't judge whether "escorts can be trusted" based on one stupid girl ripping you off.

@Trustworthy Escort

Is this the same reasoning escorts use when judging black men?..no its not....just saying


Not all escorts are bad but most are I'm probably the only escort that's not though or one in a 100 or so karmas a *** and I'm scared of her lol


No sympathy here.


You men pay skanks with no morals money to service you and then are shocked when you are ripped off. As for this woman and her disappearing act, she had your money, her next priority was to go buy drugs.

Why else do you think most of these women are in this line of work? It sure isn't because they want great sex with hot men, lmao!


first of all most men think with their *** and women have *** so I would not be calling all these women skanks and also wanting to do drugs because I know men are gullible when it comes to sex and they will pay so they take their *** and run haha now what shoot


Why are you even reading these reviews then are u that lonely and bored that u have nothing else to do I love it when people talk about thier opinion of what morals are lol douchbag


I freakin love your comment it's real af!!


Maybe because it makes great money fast?


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