Columbus, Ohio
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I had contacted an escort from backpage. Her name changes in all the posts she has.

But her contact number is 614674**** which was consistent through all her posts. When she arrived she was very inquisitive about me and used my bathroom. She then proceeded to ask me if I had a condom and i said no. She said she was going to get one from her car and would be right back.

She then texts me 15 mins later saying she was at the gas station getting some condoms and asked if i wanted anything. After 45 mins she had not returned or responded to me. After several phone calls she texts me back saying she had been pulled over. Little did she know she was texting me on my other phone telling me she was on her way.

Needless to say she never returned and stopped answering my phone calls. All and all she was old and depressing and ruined my evening and im out 110$ for no reason.

Its despicable that she is allowed to exist in this job field. May karma return my anguish.

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Anyone had a date with Sonny beach or something like that


I agree without Chrissy. Don't ever hand the money to your provider.

Set it out in view, but never let her leave the room without it for any reason. I've been in the biz for a few years and I hear a lot of horror stories.

Also, Like Chrissy, I don't even collect it until after I satisfy :)

He Be safe everyone



It's not even a job it's illegal for a reason u old turd spend your money on something else


I'm sorry you had such a bad experience I am a provider on backpage a very well reviewed one I must say and that just disgusts me I don't get it I mean I get it the *** goes around robbing people smh and it ruins it for good providers such as myself my advice is don't give her the money set it on a table in her view if she picks it up then be very wary of her any *** she says about needing something out of her car or forgetting something or my "driver" needs money tell her to put the money back and when she gets whatever she forgot and comes back u will pay her me myself I don't pick up the money till I leave a. Because I figure if it's law enforcement what is the vice officer gonna get freaky with me and arrest me when I pick it up yea I'm sure that will go to court and b.

It's just *** tacky n cheap it makes u look like a thirsty ***!! Ladies have some class!!


Hey Chrissy. Get ahold of me fchevymc@***.com


Women with class don't advertise on backpage and they don't sell their *** to dirty old men...


hopefully lesson learned right


When you deal with shady people with no morals, this is the sort of thing you can expect to happen.


Not all escorts are shaddy I'm not and who's morals yours? That's your opinion not everyone's


Hey Charisse get ahold of me hbuyandsell@***.com


Honey, if you an escort, you have no class and no morals. Sorry the truth hurts.