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While it is understood that there is a certain amount of responsibility and risk that comes with answering any male escort ad, it does not help when Backpage does not care when a scam takes place or who is affected as long as it continues to make money off of its paying male escorts. As long as money is in their pocket they care nothing about a regular "Joe".

I was recently a victim of a scam through Backpage involving a male escort and his cohort companion. I answered an ad and expressed what I wanted and said it would be an "outcall" to me. He in turn wanted me to come to their place which I knew was questionable even after they advertised as they did "outcalls". I said no that wouldn't work, so he gave in to come to me.

When he arrived with his cohort he looked nervous and kept looking back over his shoulder and his friend did a u-turn to park in front of my house. He came in and asked for his money all the while texting his friend. He said his friend was impatient and so he said he needed to tell him to leave and come back for him. He went back out and acted as if he was telling him to leave and then got in and they sped off.

He did send a picture of what I thought would be him but it was his cohort instead. Since hindsight is 20/20 I realize my mistakes but it doesn't lessen the fact I was robbed due to a well planned set up scam. The worse part as I found out is that Backpage will delete or fix it where you cannot post an ad informing and warning others of male escorts running a scam. They offer an email address to voice concerns but NO ONE EVER ANSWERS BACK!!!

My ads were conveniently deleted "by the community". WHO IS "the community"? Backpage does not offer a delete button on its website to do this, rather a "Report Ad" button which does not do a damn bit of good either. You can report all you want and the ads still appear.

My warning ads for some reason now appear "live" on my account but they do not appear at all on the website. I believe Backpage feels that as long as they are making money from anybody they wiil support all scams no matter who is hurt or affected. They should have a screening process and background checks. The guy that robbed me did in fact have a rap sheet a mile long I found out through "Google".

I had his email address as well and tried to post that as well as his pic he sent, but Backpage blocked it as well.

It is strange that you can post ads for sex, but yet if you have thugs and thieves operating a scamming business through Backpage and Backpage does nothing except ignore the public's concerns should they be allowed to remain in business? I don't think it should always be on the consumer shoulders to blame for the use of Backpage.

Product or Service Mentioned: Backpage Advertisement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Backpage Cons: Ripped off, I was assaulted by an escort neighbors.

  • Bacpage Is A Scam In Itself
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You should add in the phone number and more specifics on how it went down for future people. or use a burner phone to get them to go somewhere else for vengeance prank and waste their time.


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