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yes I'd like to place a review snow bunny it has 130 on Highway 18 do not attempt to try to call her or attempt to look her up on her page she is not independent she has her brother there another two more people that's right beside her she will rip you off and prefer the most you do not get very good certification from her so my fair warning is don't attempt to mess with snow bunny it's got 130 on it there are two on there once no one says 135 snow bunny nose has 130 snow bunny so do not attempt to try to contact this person just got ripped off

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We have no idea of who you are talking about or what your experience was like. Snow bunny ripped you off.

Ok. Out of the 3,786 listed, which one is she? HOW did she rip you off? Be a little clearer next time please.

It could save the next guy a lot of grief. Thanks!