i had a terrible experiance with lilly..she promised a good time instead she stole my wallet.

highly don't recommend this chick. she's just a sketchy provider. she's unhygenic, the environment she provided was unsanitary and i felt unsafe. she was also shooting up herion while she was with me she actually made me pay her first so she could go meet her dealer.

this girl is bad business, she was bragging about stealing from other clients. she was also trying to black mail me if i didn't give her the money up front. after that night she called back the next day and apologize and said she wants to make up for it. that was a lie she made me go to the atm to get cash so she can go buy more herion.

it sicking seeing someone destroy their life..her number is 9196296069

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Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom #1133065

You are a complete Id*iot!!!!The phone number you posted does NOT belong to this girl, I googled it.

The correct phone number, as posted on backpage, is 919-628-6069. The number you posted belongs to a 38 year old male homeowner in Apex, NC!

Perhaps it YOU that is shooting heroin, mr letter writer, because your brain sure seems fried!


That poor girl,you must really look tore up if she had to shoot up before doing the nasty with you.lmao


Lol if your that dumb you deserve to have your wallet stolen!!


You really have no room to be whining here, considering you were engaging in illicit activity facilitated by one of the sleaziest sites around...

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1060476

lol what

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