Janesville, Wisconsin
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Mia Anne Lovely is a girl on here with a pimp and they have robbed many people and when you dont give her money she calls the cops..her number is 720322**** stay away thumbs down

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I have met this great provider more than once she is well reviewed and provides great service I have no clue what this guys talking about but I promise you she's one of the best providers in Colorado a must-see I give her a thumbs up. Ps check out my reviews check out her reviews I'm not the only happy customer I'm not the only happy customer.


LOL! I'm betting the previous poster is Mia Anne herself/himself.

I think a better fitting name for "ia Anne would be "Plain Jane" or "Scary Mary".

To the men who "order" these females (I can't call them ladies) off these sketchy sites, you should be prepared to deal with some pretty negative outcomes.

The very fact that someone is advertising the services they do shows a sign of some pretty disgusting character traits. Hopefully, I don't have to spell out what I mean.