Toronto, Ontario
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Have to call Visa to charge back money for ad these guys never post online.

They think they #2 on a market of "free" classifieds, but this website and team the worst I ever dealt with.

Try to post something and check back in 15 minutes - your post ....gone.

This way they push you to pay..........*** guys! they do not realize we (users)make their business and traffic. I will never...ever post there.....waste of time

If you ever tempted to post there, just do not do that - Backpage sucks!!!!!

Craigslist Is #1.....and always been. I will go with it

Product or Service Mentioned: Backpage Website.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Yep, I'm getting real sick of backpage taking my money! I have a completely legit escort company and they delete about 66% of my ads within 10 minutes without reason or cause!

They refuse to refund my money, even when I purchased multiple re-post and sponsor ads which I think are over priced as is!

I say don't use backpage, I advise going to Rapid Post Classifieds, they are a new company that actually cares! They plan on marketing their site heavily in order to replace backpage and completely eliminate their scamming once for all!!


im going thru the same exact thing.its true. backpage has gotten way too comfortable with the sucess and now theyre just taking advantage of ppl, so *** now that they wont even respond to ur emails AT ALL!

you pay to post only to have it tooken down without any explanation!! its wrong and cant be legal


Do not post on I have posted with these criminals for a few years battling to keep my ads up, never to get a refund. I was forced to use them because they were the number 1 escort site.

They have stolen several thousand dollars from me.

They will put your ad up just long enough to legaly charge your card then then they will remove your post.. or "ghost it" horrible customer service


That is true. Backpage sucks - stupid policy that these guys brake all the time.