Las Vegas, Nevada

Not girl shown in the ad and than tried to rip me off for more money while doing nothing. First said it was only 200 and than tried to get more for nothing.

Could not touch her and was very poor company. It was a bait and switch all the way trying to get as much money as possible. Tried to get me to go to ATM and get her more money to do anything.

Worst Handjob ever~! Please avoid Trisha and be careful since even after you tell them how bad it is they call to try to get more out of you.

Monetary Loss: $400.

  • 37 year old Trisha
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$200 for a hand-job??!! AND I don't have to be touched by the guy who's paying me or fake interest in anything he says?! I think I'm in the wrong line of work!


If the *** you hired wasn't who you saw in the ad, then why did you pay her? It's also humorous that you're complaining about an illegal transaction...


shut the *** up anonymous