Dayton, Ohio
2 comments website is bad and not reliable site. Anyone checks adult escorts section, should be VERY VERY careful about "Hot tall blonde Jessica - 28" or something like that.

Some of those ads are posted by the criminal groups. They take advantage of the site. You need to be very careful about it when check the website. Some of ads in adult section are set for phishing people who want to relax and have some fun.

Personally, I was cheated by the ads and a group of people. I believe they are criminal group. I lost two hundred dollars and got nothing. Fortunately, I am still safe.

Lessons learned. Just want to share it with anyone and don't trust ads easily.

Those ads may be just phishing. Be careful, careful!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Backpage Website.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I had a simlilar experience but I'm glad to say I found a better site for escorts. It's called

You'll definatley hav better luck there. 8)


Hold up guys don't take that one person did you wrong, and blame it on all the girls on Backpage..... Don't let one bad apple spoil the whole b*** .

You should have done your homework before you schedule with her ***.

All you should do is Google's anyones number and click on it and see what kind reviews & reputation they have....I mean honestly your complaint sounds pretty stupid as far as picking on Backpage an escort is an escort no matter where she advertises. Not everybody is professional like I am they just comment on the one person not on the site.