Bakersfield, California
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I go into the motel she's staying at and shes there alone. She asked me to put the $50 on the counter because she supposedly got "burned" earlier.

Then after I did that, someone beat at the door and she told me to get in the restroom cuz her babysitter was at the door. I was in there with the door cracked and she leaves with the socalled babysitter. Then a man comes to the door and says "babe?" and he comes in and finds me in the bathroom. Long story short I got robbed for $50 because I'm a dummy.

When I texted her to get my money back she just refused. Just meet girls the normal way, it's not worth it to risk it with these money-hungry folks.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Backpage Cons: Got robbed.

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