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Beware of this female that advertises on BackPage and uses an address off Curlew Rd in Palm Harbor. She is running a scam, will meet you near, but not at her residence.

She will then ask for a ride to a convenience store. Once there, she will tell you she needs to be paid in advance to buy a Visa debit card. If you give her money, she’ll take you back to her development, have you park by a high fence, and tell you it’s her house and she’s going in the front door and she’ll open the back gate for you- so the neighbors don’t see people coming and going. Then- that’s it- you’ve been beaten out of whatever you gave her.

She’s on BP as “Jessy”, this picture is not her, but there is a resemblance and it’s the picture she uses. She’s tall, about 5’7”, maybe 140 lbs, shes about 27 years old, and all tatted up- including her legs.

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Let me guess it was a Black Man who scammed you?

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