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I have to say something here. I get what you are saying about discrimination.

Its wrong on so many levels but in this case, these escorts are getting intimately involved with the person they see. I know several white and hispanic escorts that don't see black men because it is a personal preference. Their reasoning is they prefer a circumcised man, many black-men are not circumcised, that is not a question you can just ask on the phone or post. They can be rough, and several other reasons that really are irrelevant.

All dating websites have a place for choosing race when searching for a potential date. Is that racism? It is not because it is a personal preference. There are sites strictly for black people to meet, or sites for white women that love black men, use those.

Now if there were website only for whites, that would be called discrimination. How about white miss america? not allowed but black miss america is okay?. Get off the racism band wagon or find a real cause and complain about that.

If you truly want racism to stop then stop segregating yourselves by having black only things. That includes black miss america. There is a cause for you to work on. STOP SEGREGATING YOURSELVES!

White people today have nothing to do with the *** that went on when slavery was legal in the damn 1800's, yet we pay for it everyday. What happened to black people was horrendous but if you do your research you would see that the atlantic slave trade relied mostly on Nigerians (actually they were the middle men) for procuring the slaves. In fact, when slavery was abolished by (england in 1807) the NIgerians protested because they relied on selling other black people as their only source of income. The bulk of the supply came from the Nigerians.

I can go on and on here but the fact of the matter is, just because someone doesn't want to *** with you because you're black doesn't mean they are racist. I am sorry your having problems but that's life!

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This is blatant racism but whatever. I'm black, have manners, and is decent-looking and never had a problem fooling around with attractive white or Latina women.

I've even got my hands on such women who've claimed not to be into black men but let me kiss/suck all over them lol. I just learned not to take women too seriously.


I do not see AA I hate there jive and every 1 I have tried it with has robed me and many others I know. *** there's Black girls on BP won't see black Johns. Its just the way it is find women that do!