Stockbridge, Georgia
Not resolved


I lost my phone and i dont know some one accessed my number and used it.

I never had any situation with escorts ,but some one put my name in blocked list and I am keep on getting messages after I reinstated my new phone with same my old number.

So please remove my name and number from Backpage block list . this is totally wiered situation.

Administartion of backpaige I am letting you know this and I appreciate your immediate action in this false blocking and some one used my name and number , I am totally innocent .

I need your immediate attention before I proceed further processing .


Maruthi Rampally


Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Backpage Pros: Useability of site.

Backpage Cons: Any body can post wrong info.

  • Blacklist Phone Number
  • Backpage Fraud
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