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Do not mess with this one at all. First, she was hours late on arrival.

She then snatched up the money I had on the counter without asking and proceeded to tell me matter of factly about the knife she carries around although I was in no way threatening (obviously part of the scam). During she was very disinterested and told me to "hurry up" despite the agreed time not being close to finished and did nothing of what was agreed upon before hand. Suddenly without warning she just got angry (another part of her scam) and stormed out slamming the door and waking neighbors. I had told her to be quiet before her arrival because I didn't want others to know I had company.

She took that as an opportunity so I wouldn't try to get my money back by slamming the door.

Bottom line to not deal with her at all for your own good.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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she seems to have a bipolar disorder some of these women are worse than you thought