Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

my husband noticed a charge on our health savings account from backpage.com. Neither him nor I ever heard of this website.

We contacted our bank and let them know that this charge was not ours. They gave us a dispute number. We called that number and James from backpage.com told me this was an advertising charge. I asked him what specifically it was who placed it and any other information he could give me.

He told me that I had to correspond with someone from their company via email to find that out. I even attempted to correspond with backpage.com via email. They requested the last four numbers from the card the date of the charge on the statement the amount my full name. I gave them all of this information and it is now 4 days later.

I have sent numerous emails. I have called James back numerous times. When I attempt to call James every time it goes straight to voicemail that says hi this is James from backpage.com leave me a message. It never rings.

He has yet to return my calls once I informed him that this was going nowhere with the Email. our statement shows discharge was from Texas we live in Wisconsin and have not been out of the state for years.

Something is fishy and their company refuses to give us any answers. Answers that I could get pretty quick from any other company if I called to dispute a charge.

Product or Service Mentioned: Backpage Account.

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This complaint is almost 2 years old. Hopefully, this person got it sorted though I can't help, as others pointed out, to wonder if the husband made the charge since yeah, Backpage is known for it's sleaze aspect.


What was the phone number that you were calling James?


Yeah dude, sorry, but your husband is probably messing around behind your back. I would have a very frank discussion with him about it.


He was probably trying not to rat out your husband. Back page is a sodomy website that offers memberships. You'd better have a talk with your husband.