Los Angeles, California
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Beware of phone number 818-404-**** or emails from jamescurtis198@***.com. Alex came to my incall before and paid me the first time but then started haggling prices over future fees.

I told him he needed to find another service provider, that was not my rate. He called a few days later informing me he now had the funds to make an appointment so I accepted his call. After the appointment, he told me not to get mad but he didn't have the money to pay me. He swore to be back in 10 minutes to drive to an ATM and never showed back.

I read up on this guys number and apparently he has a track record of flaking on appointments. Beware!!

This guy is a boundary crosser who is extremely unethical. Stealing services in my book is the same as physical assault.

Reason of review: I was robbed.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: To prevent others from being ripped of by this fake client "Alex".

  • Pissed Off Provider
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Everyone knows you get paid first girl...come on now. You can't be that mad at him that's your bad especially after he was already haggling.

You gotta accept your part in that. Sorry to say but thats why smart girls get their money first especially from regulars.


im just curious...what was his race?


You deserved it because you are not ethical selling your body. You get what you deserve!!!! Why don't you get a real job....W....