Streamwood, Illinois
Not resolved

A client has been talking to me for months, and consistently says he wants to "meet up" and that he lives "in streamwood" and never gives an address. His textfree name is spartan666 and the phone number he is currently using is 1 (63*) 791-****.

He's changed his number a couple times, but he always asks for the same things. He wants a half hour, and then a picture "Right now". It doesn't matter if you're driving, doesn't matter if you're with friends, he starts calling you a fake if you don't do it "right now".

After the first picture he asks for one of you putting 3 or 4 fingers over your heart, he doesn't mean with clothing on and will go back to "fake" if you don't do it with your top off. He just wants photos and to waste time.

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