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This new system, all the hoops and the bs that you have to go through to purchase the "bitcoins" to post on backpage. They deleted my ad due to "Community Removed" but failed to give a reason, my thing is if I violated something please tell me, point it out so I don't do it again.

The ad was only up for one day and then I do all the upgrades for it and then I'm deleted, now if I am being targeted they should clearly see that the account was new, and the verbiage and pictures were decent.

Give answers since i'm jumping though hoops to work with the site... Respect peoples time and money that's it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Backpage Customer Care.

Reason of review: I was over charged, and then lost money and my ad. .

Monetary Loss: $29.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Backpage Pros: Generally most of their products, Encounter.

Backpage Cons: Overcharging, Requiring bitcoin to be used for payment of ads.

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  • Community Removed
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My ad was also community removed.. My very first ad, with upgrades and no reason why?


I TOTALLY AGREE with both of you. I even emailed them asking why and they never responded.

Not only that, but 100 OTHER ads were posted by other people, basically with the same verbage, but theres werent removed. And last, if you're gonna remove my ad, with NO explanation, then give me my money back! I've given a ton of money to them and they treat me like crap. Grrrrrrrr...

That was my rant for the day. haha


you would think Backpage would value us more than that I've been with Backpage for five or six years with the same as and now they let this guy tell them to remove it it's been okay for five or six years and now all the sudden it's not this guy is making up a bunch of stuff because he's mad because I had to ask him to leave and I had good reason to ask him to leave I gave him his money back and I told him to leave so he got vicious and Backpage back them up what about me I've been good to Backpage I pay them every day maybe I should find someplace else to post I don't want to be treated like that for no reason and you just could not even ask me what happened just remove my post I paid for that's wrong


I hopeBackpage will change its policy cannot do this to us Redbook would have done this if somebody did something like that Redbook would at least hear you out and then they would put your head back if they saw it fit

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