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Why do we have a bunch unappealing/sickening ***-suckers posing as trannies with wigs and lousy bodies? Knock it off!!

Get an operation and be real. *** - tired of this misinformation. You're a fake and you know it. Go back to California or Florida, sell whatever *** you think you have and stay there.

Who needs fakes? I don't and never will. Thanks for reading and please obey! It's really not right to mis-represent yourself.

Why do consumers have to deal with bad advertisements? Please have some standards to enforce. I find it appalling that I have to generate 100 words with 60 would have sufficed. Is it your opinion, in your limited mental capacity, that your believe that more words, more content, might yield higher value?

Are you *** stupid?

Yes - so I'm really writing this for a *** moron. Have a great *** day, stupid!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Backpage Advertisement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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There's fakes every where google the ladies phone number if there real reviews will come up its a very simple thing to do?

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