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Everytime I go and try and post Backpage takes out instead of $7 takes out a whole group more for my Bitcoins. I have noticed that they have been doing that quite a bit lately and have done it to me for the past couple months and this last time I put $40 in Bitcoins in try to post any said that I did not have enough but I did still have remaining Bitcoins in my account and took a whole whopping from $40 down to $4.91 and didn't even post my ad I think this is very rude and unprofessional and wrong I would like my money back because you have not provided the services that you claim that you would and I do not like the fact that nobody will get back in touch with me after I have sent several emails very unprofessional.

I very much would like a response back please or you may call my number 916-470-****. Thank you for your time and I hope that I do get a response back finally.

Product or Service Mentioned: Backpage Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Make's no sense to advertise on Back page anymore, i mean why pay $5.00 to post a photo & your phone number??? Clients are not going to scroll through 100 phone numbers, just to find somebody. They are just going to head to another site~ that has pics, number & info on the services they are looking for.


I agree, backpage is royally *** ME OFF as well!!

I'm seriously looking for an alternative to advertising with backpage..... It's just too much problem after another!!

They would have been able to maintain mine, as well as THOUSANDS is others ' loyalty IF THEY WOULD AT LEAST

R E S P O N D!!!!!

that is why I'm so pissed!!

{{REDACTED}} NEVER respond to a question, complaint, concern.. nothing.

OK backpage, fine! *** you very much.

The instant in able to find an an alternative, watch! Btw, i got a sneaking suspicion that I WON'T be the ONLY one doing it

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