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I tried posting a legitimate post on Backpage.com and some pissed off idiot, reported my ad. Then I tried to post it again and I got a message saying that I had to contact them through e-mail.

I did and haven't heard back from them.

These sites (like craigslist and all these other *** sites) should filter the contact put on there- not some pissed off *** who goes through reporting posts because they live a miserable life.

I also spent money on placing my ad and wasn't refunded! I don't care that it wasn't a lot of money but it's the fact that these idiots don't know how to run this site and I will NOT refer them to anyone

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Paid for an ad which was deleted within a couple hours. Contacted them by email many many times with no respond..what a waste of money and time


This agency and Craigslist are messed up. They must have *** employed.

They delete legitimate ads and allow the sick ones to remain. You are not alone. I have had that happen to me. I think this company needs to be investigated for legitimacy or shut down.

Something is very wrong with an ad agency that does not have a working phone number available to consumers. That's a sign right there that something is very very wrong with this picture. I hope enough people read the complaints before they invest any money in placing ads with them because they will no doubt just end up losing their money and in times like these, people cannot afford to be ripped off.

That is just not right. I would rather place an ad somewhere for a reasonable price and know it is being handled professionally, than deal with bogus rip-off scammers.


It was for the business I work for, as well as for my Avon. People post Avon all the time and nothing else happens and other people post representing their marketing businesses and that's what I was doing.

Sara L

You say it was legitimate and yet you don't actually mention what the ad was for, so how are we supposed to judge your complaint?

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