Wildwood, New Jersey

This escort will "pick the room" and tell you to "wait here" and then take off with your cash. My dumb fault I went against my instincts and got taken.

Her number again is 609-972-**** under the title $ugar. Wildwood NJ area. She's about 5'1 5'2 24 yrs old. She also claims to live in North Wilwood.

As we approached the room I noticed a maroon grand marquis with the front left hub cap missing park right next to hotel. That must have been her ride. Again I didn't follow my instincts. I should have known the room and her services would cost more than $70 or $100 but my dumb *** didn't care she was actually cute and I figured I'd try anyway.

I called after she left and text to no answer. So after reading other experiences by others I see I'm not alone. Again her number is 609-972-****.

Wildwood Cape May area NJ. Stay away!!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Wow what a €unt!


I just saw that same number under the title Exotic Desires. It was under $ugar yesterday.


Same number different ad. "Exotic Pleasures."


Her ad has changed to "Exotic Desires."


I just saw her post. It's Weds November 6th.

Escort backpage south jersey.

Same number. Spam her phone number with blocked calls!!!

@Jack Gordon

Any1 know.any good ones?