Los Angeles County, California
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805-214-**** LITERALLY grabbed the wallet took all the cash she saw and scurried like the rat she is into the other room where other shaddy people were and came back and continued like nothing happened. Felt dangerous so I kept my mouth closed and went along.

Worst experience ever and at the end she acted like it was the best thing that happened to me and said to come back...

She looked like she was mid-late 20s. Kept asking if I was a cop and was super sketchy the entire time.

Fake the entire time around/ only business. Beware and stay away from this scam gang

Reason of review: ripped off.

Monetary Loss: $175.

Backpage Pros: Useability of site.

Backpage Cons: Fraudulent escort posting, Got robbed.

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This is entirely a lie. Lol this is is a client that tried to rob me and and didn't turn out the way he planned and he of course didn't like that lmao


yea somthing like that hapen to me in santa rosa in sketchy mothel 6

sorry to hear that :(