Grand Forks, North Dakota

30 minutes service turned into less than 10 minutes one due to her rush and pressure to finish before it really ended. You have to hurry because she has two babies in the next room to take of and somebody else may be calling any timt soon.

She was disrobed only the bare essential parts because she said it was too cold. When I commented it was not really good service while I put on clothes she faked to called her (nonexistent) boyfriend saying "he would not leave...oh, you are just on the doorstep with the gun?" I said I would write on the web, she replied "everybody still loves me."

I think she has a real good potential physically to provide an excellent service, but she seems to believe it is ok to behave that way.

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Hey dude one minute man how did you see all this in 10 minutes


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Dude please tell me you’re not paying for it?? REALLY???

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Why would you first admit to having to use a prostitution service then admit to be a short fuse? Either this is some form of lie or fiction or you’re really really really pathetic.


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