Ocala, Florida

Girls in Ocala Florida will rip your *** off not just o few but a lot of them especially Kaylee Kandi and the other girls that work with them number is 352 274 **** I know they are gonna change the number so if you plan on calling these girls you better look out for they are nothing but scam artists and should not be able to get away with this I plan on getting revenge on these girls so you girls know who you are be sure and look over your shoulder from now on. Just think from now on girls if you lose business its your own fault and I will get revenge motor cycle clubs won't put up with this when you do a brother wrong

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If your a biker you shouldn't have to pay for puss on backpage..


i am wondering if this person is for real/// did you just threaten this person on line where you can be traced? wow, i think you just put a capital S on stupid///

@old and experienced

Well no one has ever accused the biker genre of overflowing the MENSA ranks with members.......


You would be very surprised at some of the men in these clubs, doctors, lawyers and many other MENSA worthy professions. I bet you would never say that to any of these faces..Just sayin...You try living a lifestyle that holds you accountable for all your actions, try living by a strict code of conduct, what ever that may be.

There is good and bad in everything!

Are all jews cheap, blacks lazy, well maybe that one, irish drunks?You get my point. Stop trolling around the internet posting negativity and go outside and breath some fresh air.