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I believe there is a whole bunch of people hired by marketing companies to send texts on behalf of backpage or pretending like customers. They are just a bunch of time wasters.

They don't even read our ads and just send texts pretending like customers. I can now sort of tell which one is fake which one is real. Those who ask stupid questions are fake ones. I complained to backpage a few times already about this and asked them to stop all those craps but they just never listened.

I know it's worth advertising on backpage because I did get some real customers from there so they don't actually have to do this. So annoying.

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I've sat tight for so yearn for somebody to fabricate an exact Pearl Harbor guide, and this has surpassed every one of my desires. It's a disgrace that you won't discharge it truly is, yet it's a fitting tribute to the individuals who battled that morning.


No they didn't hire it's the police department doing the trolls 400 cops in San Mateo County from Daly City Auto Redwood City they play games they act like their customers all the time on night shift there's the be your best friend on Backpage for 2 or 3 weeks even a month talk to you and talk to you everyday find out what's going on with you and then bust you

@Lisa reed

They need to worry about The Terraces and who starting all the fires in California instead of worrying about the providers


Your right it is rhe asian mafia

Taking over San Mateo County they don't want nothing but Asian girls here. So they could buy up all the properties .

No white girls no Latin girls and no black girls they don't want them here at all so they make up stories about them all the time which is a big lie they're called trolls listen to Alex Jones and he'll explain YouTube


Feds on to you

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