Wichita, Kansas
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The girl works out at the hotel in Wichita, ks Regency Hotel on west kelloge, at first when I walked in her room, I pulled out the money to put up on top of TV, she snatched it, she couldn't even get me hard, I was doing her doggie style, she complained that it hurt, on her ad she said she wanted a companionship with a gentlemen but she didn't talk, or make any type of noise during the whole session, boring, whiny, and bossy, kept asking me if I was done, so I just hurried up and got out of there. she is, Victoria:: 316.247.9167 °Text ONLY, she talkin about a good time on her ad but she really just trying to scam you and give you a *** time.

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I have zero sympathy...


dont hate on them fools cause you were all the same at one time they just got tired of never getting there *** wet so they went and got theirs lol.. u still lying around jackn raw dog boyyy ha lol haters


You hire someone for an illegal act, and you complain that you don't get the "service" you were expecting? Only in America...


You got what you paid for.