Orlando, Florida
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I went to visit this escort named Ashley Monroe in Orlando, FL. she told me to go to International drive and Sand Lake Rd.-which I went to from I4-and call her, and she gives me her address-with no directions.

I took a chance and drove a few intersections and didn't see the road. I go back the other way and her road ends up being ON THE OTHER SIDE OF I4. Even then I didn't know which way to go:( I start driving the wrong way and it took a few as I couldn't see the addresses. She calls me and I tell her the issues, and she just mentions something about GPS.

Right when I pull into where she is she CANCELLES OUR DATE, complaining it took too much time to get there. I told her it could've been because I'm told to go one way then another WITHOUT ANY DIRECTIONS ON I DRIVE IN EVENING TIME TRAFFIC, and she's like "it still should've taken 5 mins. Well how do you figure?

I told her I was gonna do this and she was like "look at my reviews; you ain't gonna be able to do a thing!!!" If YOAU got such high reviews, then you've been doing this for quite some time and should be able to give direction. I think the move you made today was totally uncalled for and I'm sure there are a lot that would stand with me on that

Monetary Loss: $20.

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