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Not only does backpage.com allow women to post racy advertisements for men looking for a quick sexual fix, it now allows these men, the patrons of such businesses and women to post compliants about women who did not cross the line and provide men sexual favors! I have recently contacted backpage.com and encouraged them to remove such postings from disgruntled men that apparently did not 'have their way", and the has been no removal of such posts or any response! Women that operate a legitimate massage business are quite often harrassed by men wanting "extras" and if the women do not provide such illegal activity, the pissed off man can now post complaints about the massage therapist and her business while backpage.com allows the posts to remain on the site and apparently supports such behaviour!!! Backpage.com is a supporter and a promoter in YOUR COMMUNITY for prostitution! Craigslist.com has had so much negative press about this and was forced to cut down this activity. why not backpage.com??? why are they allowed to not only post ads for escorts, bodyrubs, adult entertainment and prostitution? and they do not even bother to filter posts written by men that did not have their way... after multiple emails to backpage staff and non-removal of such posts, its obvious that they are VERY MUCH IN SUPPORT OF PROSTITUTION!

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Be very very careful while using this ad folks bc a lot of these girls may act like they arecreating the ads however on a few of them is a white man 57yr + who steals pictures of woman and portrays them to be the ad poster (a woman). He pretends is aperverted sick man & will do anything to get ppictures of u being exposed.

Then he will try to blackmale u and say if you don't send him more he will exploit your pics all over the internet. Be very careful guys bc a lot of the woman u think u r responding to are actually thier pimps or someone totally different than u think.


Yep, I'm getting real sick of backpage taking my money! I have a completely legit escort company and they delete about 66% of my ads within 10 minutes without reason or cause!

They refuse to refund my money, even when I purchased multiple re-post and sponsor ads which I think are over priced as is!

I say don't use backpage, I advise going to Rapid Post Classifieds, they are a new company that actually cares! They plan on marketing their site heavily in order to replace backpage and completely eliminate their scamming once for all!!


What's a LEGIT escort company anyway? Dochaknow prostitutions ILLEGAL? There's NOTHING LEGIT ABOUT sex trafficking OR running an ESCORT SERVICE!


I have spoken to 5 of these 'escort' ladies, and when asked if they work as dancers at any of the gentlemen's clubs, the answer is NO. That is a big red flag guys!

These escorts cannot get HIRED at the strip joints! The phone conversations with these losers is bad enough since they have a hard time putting two words together or they shout and scream their answers to you!

Stick to the strip clubs and befriend a dancer and meet up with her. Drop the backpage losers...that is why they are in the back-page not the front page!


:p obviously your man has contacted one of us.. Or maybe u r jus afraid we wkll satisfy him better. Smh dont knock our hustle at least we not on your corner we got more class...


i was recently told that backpage.com can send out email advertisments to there escort servives to random email addresses. im not computer savy and was am wanting to know if this is true or false or if they pay other people to send mas advertisements for there adult forums


ii have a question needing answered. Does backpage advertise there adult content forums to random emails?


Hey she sounds like she has never had a good enough massage. Duh no happy ending!


I would like some feedback on the parlors that mention 49.99 plus tips.

Is the 49 a door fee?

What is the ususal tip?


Your complaint might have some merit, but it is half true. Judging by the posts to which you are referring, some of these men are upset by bait and switch.

I look for legitimate massages, but I am not happy when the doll in the photo turns out to be an old, worn-out-looking person; I do not want her hands on me.

Although I would never post a gripe on the backpage, I understand. Personally, I just walk out and leave the establishment when greeted by the "switch" instead of the "bait."


massage therapy. massage therapy section is for licensed therapists, such as myself.i also had a bad experience with houston.backpage.com about this.

glad someone wrote about it. i don't portray myself to engage in any sleazy acts, however, it doesn't stop the sleazebags. Nor, does backpage.com encourage the unlicensed sexual advertisers to advertise in the UNlicensed section.

They allow half nude pics in the licensed massage section. And yes, the men get pissed off but you dont need to look in the escorts sections like you just said- where they should be looking.


maybe if you werent reading the escort personals you wouldnt come across this type of feed back hmm? also maybe you are one of the women who have had a negative review also hmm??