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So I am a female escort... and naturally backpage.com has the entire escort market monopolized. So I choose to do my business there. Before posting any ads on backpage I did alot of reading and discovered that they have a habit of "Ghosting" ads.. or... charging you for ads and not putting them live. So I sent them a few emails.... here's what happened:

(To support2@***.com)

Hi this is Destiny. I post in the escort/ adult section. I have posted 1 ad in billings, mt so far and I was wondering if I am allowed to advertise nationwide with a multiple ad posting? I just wanted to ask in advance because I have seen some reviews on the internet on how your company removes ads that do this because you think they are spam. I'm not getting many calls here in Billings and I am considering traveling for my line of work. Please let me know if you can put a green light on my account and approve me for a big multi city posting. Thank you - Destiny

(To Me)


What email address are you using to post?

Here is a link to our national ad feature:




(Same question - Response from a different department)

When using the national ad feature, which we have provided a link to, you will be able to post one ad in multiple cities. There will be a selection option where you can select the cities you would like the ad posted in.

You can review our Terms of Use by clicking the following link:




So... naturally i read over the Terms Of Use, and decided that I was well within the guidelines. So It was finally okay to make a nationwide post. I would not be posting any nude pictures, I am clearly of legal age and the billing info is all in my name. So great, I decided that I would post 1 ad in every state and see if I could gain some new clients outside of my area. I clicked "Place Ad" (for $422.65) I selective about 50 cities in the female escort section.

Well guess what.. 3 Minutes after the ad was live... This was in my account:

"An error occurred while placing your ad. Email us at support2@***.com for additional info. Please include the ad you are trying to place."

Just as I had expected. No response back from my countless emails, and the money's gone. What is a poor girl to do. I put my whole paycheck on backpage so I could make more money, looks like all I have is a "Ghosted Ad" to show for it. Oh.. and they took down my original ad on my account too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Backpage Account.

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I had the same EXACT issue. Besides I would never invest that type of money into something as backpage since ultimately it would be my first time.

They took $60 out of my account and I've been trying to contact customer service for 2 days now and still no response. This is unbelievable!!!

The fact that these things can go on with such "reputable" online advertising company is crazy too. I'm in disbelief to say the absolute least.