Midland, Texas
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She told me a story and like the nice person that I am I helped here. But it turns out I was wrong!

Here add is face and so are here pics. I have tried several time to contact here but no response. Of course this was my own fault for thinking I could trust here. For other people in the Odessa,TX area please be aware of the person she will not provide the correct services or a honest add, rip off of $800.

so please be aware of the person she comes on very nice but will always ask for more money.

I would never ever use here, quite a con artist.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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To the original poster, I can tell that you are a good-hearted person. Please never trust a *** Some of them are great people, but most of them are not.

Many of them are always looking for some kind on con to run. So please watch out for yourself.

And to those of you who think I'm hating on *** I'm not.

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