San Antonio, Texas

Mistress Kay. Scam artist.

Thought I had found a great looking girl on backpage in dom and fetish section. Typical story of trading emails, leading you on and then asks you to send her money via an Amazon gift card before she will see you. You obviously will never hear from her. She always had good excuses about verifying who you are via references and being careful.

Drags things out over several days because she doesn't take same day appointments.

Nice pics on her backpage ad and uses a valid address. You will never get a phone number or any other contact information except an email address.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why would you pay upfront before even seeing this person/meeting them? This is what happens when you deal with "women" on backpage...


Well actually you had no intentions to pay properly and the number was 347571****


It is a scam. Just had the same thing happen to me. Watch out guys - she's not for real


LOLOL...are you kidding actually sent her guess you just cant fix stupid..i got some prime property i want to sell you,just send me the money and ill get back with you..lololol